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FHG1010 Floriani Heat N Gone Removable Topping and Stabilizer
Use this clear, 100% heat removable film as a topping or stabilizer on all fabrics that can withstand an iron temperature of 260� - 300� F (120�-140� C). Great when giving a gift and you need instant stabilizer removal or when your fabric cannot withstand moisture.

Additional Product Information:
Perfect for fabrics that can't be wet such as velvet, wool, satin, etc.

Trace intricate quilt patterns onto Heat N Gone� for an easy guide when free motion quilting or thread painting. 

Prevents loops from sneaking back through on high pile fabrics such as towels and terry

1.  Place a piece of Heat N Gone� on the surface of the hooped item, bumpy side touching the fabric, and secure the outer corners with pins or tape to prevent curling.
2.  Complete the embroidery design.

3. Tear away as much of the Heat N Gone� as possible.
4.  Place your heated iron directly on top of the garment to remove the excess stabilizer. Be sure your iron temp is at least 260� F (120�C). This temperature should be similar to a high wool setting on most household irons. **Stainless Steel Iron recommended for best results.

*To clean your iron of any residue, heat the iron up to its highest temperature and move the irons surface back and forth over a wet towel firmly. Iron cleaners such as Dritz and Niagra work also.
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